SEO and Social Media Marketing

For Middle and High School Student Session 1: June 28-july 2, Session 2: July 26-30. Time. Time: 10 AM - 3 PM PT. 1-6 PM ET.


For Middle and High School Student

Session 1: June 28-july 2, Session 2: July 26-30. Time. Time: 10 AM - 3 PM PT. 1-6 PM ET.

Camp Overview

The field of marketing is evolving, and the rise of the digital economy is transforming how customers interact with businesses. Marketers are increasingly at the intersection of marketing, technology and analytics.

This 5-day, virtual Digital Marketing Boot Camp is a challenging program that prepares you to keep pace with the rapidly changing field. You’ll learn from a market-driven curriculum that’s continually updated to ensure that your skills are what employers want — and more importantly, need.

Throughout the course, you will take a hands-on approach to learning digital advertising  and web analytics and and design, content marketing, and more. You will complete the program with experience in web design and popular industry tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and etc.

About instructor

Elizabeth Xu

Elizabeth is a public company board member and the CEO of A2C Academy. She has served as two CTO positions of billion-dollar revenue companies: CP Group and BMC Software. She became a C-level executive in 2005 at a public company. She provides coaching in Leadership, Digital Transformation, AI, and cloud. She is also an investor for early-stage companies. 

Dr. Elizabeth Xu has taught at Stanford University for 6 years about leadership, and currently is a guest lecturer at Stanford University Teaching Digital Transformation at the Department of Engineering Management Science.  She is also the advisor for MIT Innovation Initiatives. 

Elizabeth earned a Ph.D. and two Master’s Degrees. She is a Harvard certified board member and attended the Stanford Executive Program.

Elizabeth received the TOP 50 Diversity Leader in the United States in 2020, the Presidential Award in 2019, the Global Leadership Award in 2018,  the WITI Hall of Fame Award in 2017, and Women of Influence in Silicon Valley in 2013. She also received 10+ other prestigious awards. She is a trailblazer, leading a creative and proven path to the top.

Elizabeth lives by the credo of the four “L”s

  1.  Live to my fullest potential.
  2.  Love the enable others to reach their fullest potential.
  3.  Learn continuously.
  4.  Leave a legacy.

Megan Dahlgren

Megan has a 20 year career in technology market research, marketing and go-to-market strategy leadership. She spent many years abroad living in Sydney Australia and Paris France covering both Asia Pacific and European markets as an industry expert with IDC. Later she held numerous marketing leadership roles working with C-Suite executives: head of product (Group President), head of engineering (CTO) and heads of marketing (CMO) and pre-sales (Chief Customer Officer) for a multi-billion revenue software company, BMC Software.

Most recently Megan was CMO for a premier Google Cloud partner specializing in AI/ML services. She is passionate about marketing innovation and improving the customer journey by more effectively aligning the customer experience from top of funnel all the way through to onboarding and customer advocacy. Megan has two master’s degrees: Masters of Media from University of Technology Sydney and an MBA from HEC School of Management in Paris. Megan is passionate about mentoring others, taking on interns, and giving back through organizations like Girls Who Code and the Girl Geek Dinner. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children. She speaks fluent French.

April Huang

 Founder & CEO of digital marketing company, Martecana, LLC. (

• Last position as VP of eCommerce and Marketing at OriGene Technologies, where she led a

team of 30+ people

• Worked at other top companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, eBay, eHarmony, mostly in

different marketing positions

• MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management

• MS in Statistics, and BA of Information Management from Renmin University of China

• Guest speaker in various conferences

• Board member for nonprofit organization, Sisters Without Boarders™