A2C Two Day Open House - Secure Your Job in Downturn

Two-day free live class - Day 1:Protect Your Job and Build Strong Relationships with Your Manager; Day 2: Secure Future Opportunities.

Day 1: Saturday/March 25, 5 PM PT/ 8 PM ET

Protect Your Job and Build Strong Relationships with Your Manager: Strategies to make yourself indispensable in your current role. Establish a trusting and positive relationship with your manager. Get more opportunities to shine. Get the credit you deserve. These efforts may increase the likelihood that your manager will not let you go during the layoff.

Day 2: Sunday/March 26, 5 PM PT/ 8 PM ET

Secure Future Opportunities: If you do end up being laid off or are not sure if you can survive the next waves of layoff, you can learn: How to proactively prepare for the next layoff? How to discover opportunities within your company? How to attract new job opportunities? What hiring managers and colleagues value in candidates during the hiring process These will give you the best chance of securing your next role.