5 Strategies to get Into C-suite and Boardroom


If you have the burning desire to reach your fullest potential, make it to the C-suite sooner, this seminar is for you. 

Top Five Reasons to Attend 

    ✅ Elevate your mindset from a top performer to a C-level executive 

    ✅ Ask any career questions, have interactive discussions with Pat and Dr. Liz, 10 lucky people will be selected to have 30 min 1-1 with Dr. Liz or Pat

    ✅ Learn the proven 5 Strategy to get into C-suites and Boardroom

    ✅ Network with rockstars learn their promotion acceleration experience

    ✅ Catalyze your burning desire to excel and rise to the top in the workplace

Dr. Elizabeth Xu and her mentor of 30 years Ms. Pat Zimmerman will share their proven 5 career strategies to get into C-suite and Boardroom.

They have coached thousands of people since 2005 and many of them got into C-suite and Boardrooms.

You can sign up for the bonus 1-1 with Dr. Liz or Pat, we can help you with your rockstar mom career strategy. Please prepare

  1. Link to your LinkedIn Profile
  2. Your Resume
  3. 1-2 messages you got from this seminar
  4. Why do you want to talk to Dr. Liz or Pat?

We will notify you within 7 days if you are one of ten lucky people who receive this bonus 1-1 opportunity


  1. Dr. Liz and Pat's career journey
  2. The hidden benefits from C-suites and Boardrooms
  3. 5 Proven Strategies to accelerate your path to C-suites
  4. Recorded Q&A

How to get reimbursement from your manager, the brochures for your manager's review. 

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