14 Month Interactive Leadership Training Program - BootCamp 15
A2C 14-month interactive mentoring program consists of 150+ times live Q&A (3 times per week), 2-times C-level simulation in a group of 6, 2-times live 9-weeks classes, and recorded classes. All discussions are confidential. C-level executive and public company board member Dr. Elizabeth Xu (Dr. Liz) and her mentor of 30+ years, Ms. Pat Zimmerman, teach classes and answer your career questions. They redesigned this camp based on their Stanford University Class (2011-2016). Your Mentorship starts the day you join A2C and sign the confidential agreement. In-person Bonus: San Francisco Bay area students have 2 hours of hiking each week with Dr. Liz when not traveling. Dr. Liz travels to various places to meet our students.
3 Hours of Private 1-1 with Dr. Liz
You can meet with Dr. Liz and discuss any confidential career matters via zoom such as Career Strategy, offer negotiation, managing up, conflict resolution at the workplace.
12 month A2C Q&A Membership - for camp students renew membership
Pressing career questions and timely proven answers and live discussions
Monday and Wednesday 6-7 PM PT, Sunday 8-9 AM PT all weeks except holidays for the next 12 months, there will be 120+ sessions each year This is for the existing camp students to renew their membership after their first 14 months.
Communication Combo
12 Week Effective Communication + 12 Month Q&A
Sharpen Your Communication Skill, Get Live Career Coaching and Q&A, Three times per week, Learn from Real C-level Executives, Leadership best practices, Real time case study
Managing Up to get Promotions
This is the first module of the 12 week Effective Business Communication Class. This 3- weeks mini-bootcamp to help you learn how to manage up, asking for promotions and resources from your management teams. It also contains 9 Q&A sessions, 3 live interactive sessions and 3 recorded lectures.
Class Time: Oct 19, 26, Nov2, 2021, 5-6 PM PT, Class time: 5-6 PM PT, 3 weeks of Q&A Sessions are Monday and Wednesday 6-7 PM PT, and Sundays 8-9 AM PT
12-week Effective Business Communication Bootcamp
Learn how to manage up and across the organization; communicate, collaborate effectively with your managers and team members within the company, and build a great digital brand at various social channels to attract better career opportunities.
Class Schedule: starting Oct 27, 2021, ending Jan 18, 2022. Total 12 weeks. No classes: 12/29/2021, Live Classes: Wednesday 5-6 PM PT, plus recorded classes. This class is sold-out. The new session will start in March 2022.
Speaking Natural English with Pat Zimmerman
Accent Reduction consists of live practice/critiques with Pat, six people per class, 45 minutes each live class, Pre-recorded class 30-45 each time, Suplymentoary material and videos as well. You are welcome to sit in any on-going classes if you join now while waiting for your future slots for live correction.
The 5 and 6 sessions are opening Jan 30: 9-9;45 AM, Saturday , session 6: Sunday afternoon: 3-3:45 PM
Startup & Design Thinking Bootcamp with Stanford Professor
Enable your kids to stand out at college applications!
Time: 10 AM - 3 PM PT / 1 -6 PM ET.
Daily Schedule: 10 -1 PM Project and 1 -1 coaching time, 1 -3 PM lecture time.
14-Month College Student and Young Professional Career Program
Jump start your career and get your questions answered in real time!
8-week career bootcamp plus 12-month realtime coaching by Dr. Elizabeth Xu, Pat Zimmmerman and other C-level executives.
Sold Out
Image Makeover for Career Success - Standout and Connect Better
Bikini.com President Shannon Follansbee demonstrates how to transform your image for a successful career, open doors and connect better. Group 1-1 or group 4-6.
Sold Out.