Startup & Design Thinking Bootcamp with Stanford Professor
Enable your kids to stand out at college applications!
Time: 10 AM - 3 PM PT / 1 -6 PM ET.
Daily Schedule: 10 -1 PM Project and 1 -1 coaching time, 1 -3 PM lecture time.
Two Sessions:
Session 1: June 21-25
Session2: July 19 - 23.
14-Month Student and Young Professional Career Program
Jump start your career and get your questions answered in real time!
8-week career bootcamp plus 12-month realtime coaching by Dr. Elizabeth Xu, Pat Zimmmerman and other C-level executives.
Camp Orientation: June 19
8-week Bootcamp: June 26 -Aug 21, 2021
Schedule: Saturday 5-6:30 PM PT/8-9:30 PM ET ( Sunday 8-9:30 AM Beijing Time)
12-month Coaching: Sept 2021 - Aug 2022
12-week Effective Business Communication Bootcamp
Learn how to manage up and across the organization; communicate, collaborate effectively with your managers and team members within the company, and build a great digital brand at various social channels to attract better career opportunities.
Class Schedule: July 22 - Oct 7, 2021, Thursday 6-7:30 PM PST / 9-10:30 PM EST
Build Your Own App BootCamp
Enable your kids to stand out at college applications!
Session 2: July 12-23. Time: 10 AM - 3 PM PT. 1-6 PM ET.
Art and Programming for Game Development Part 2
In this 4-week program, students will learn how to build a game world using python programming, and play in it together in multiplayer!
Introductory Art and Programming for Game Development-Part 1
In this 4 week program, students will learn the basics of 2d animation and Python, to begin their journey into game development.
Image Makeover for Career Success - Standout and Connect Better President Shannon Follansbee demonstrates how to transform your image for a successful career, open doors and connect better. Group 1-1 or group 4-6.
SEO and Social Media Marketing
For Middle and High School Student Session 1: June 28-july 2, Session 2: July 26-30. Time. Time: 10 AM - 3 PM PT. 1-6 PM ET.
Speaking Natural English with Pat Zimmerman
Accent Reduction consists of live practice/critiques with Pat, six people per class, 45 minutes each live class, Pre-recorded class 30-45 each time, Suplymentoary material and videos as well. You are welcome to sit in any on-going classes if you join now while waiting for your future slots for live correction.
The 5 and 6 sessions are opening Jan 30: 9-9;45 AM, Saturday , session 6: Sunday afternoon: 3-3:45 PM
14 Month Interactive Leadership Training Program - BootCamp 12
Nine weeks of Realtime Leadership Bootcamp for middle career professionals (>5 years experience) taught by C-level executive Dr. Elizabeth Xu and her mentor of 30 years. Jun 06 - Aug 08, 2021. Sold Out, Next session in October
12-month mentorship after the nine weeks of Bootcamp till July 17, 2022. 6 Students per group. Role-based simulated CXO learning, Daily Q&A, CXO guest lectures, and Group exercise via zoom with Dr. Elizabeth Xu.