Rising Star Leadership Training

C-level executive and public company board member Dr. Elizabeth Xu and her mentor of 30+ years, Ms. Pat Zimmerman, teach you the strategy and critical steps to make it to C-suite and boardroom. They provide timely answers to your career questions and accelerate your career growth.
This A2C flagship 12-month interactive leadership coaching program provides ten weeks of live and recorded training based on the one-semester leadership class our cofounders Dr. Elizabeth Xu, and Pat Zimmerman taught at Stanford University for six years (2011-2016).
It also consists of 12 months of three times per-week Q&A, a total of 140+ live career group coaching sessions, and a c-level executive simulation.
All members must sign the confidential agreement to build a safe haven for open career discussions and coaching sessions. Various executives and best-seller leadership authors are invited to co-teach these classes and Q&A sessions.
In-person bonus: 2 hours of hiking in Silicon Valley per week in Silicon Valley and various in-person events in New York, Boston and San Francisco.


The Rising Star Leadership program assists " A Players" to become leaders. 

A2C Academy, Dr. Liz, and Pat have committed to help

  • 100,000 people into leadership positions,
  • 10,000 to VP, SVP, and Managing Director Positions
  • 1,000 to C-level executive and board members

If you are motivated and have the ambition to make bigger impacts, this is for you. 

The Rising Star program consists of 

  • 10 weeks recorded program you can learn anytime, live group practice sessions in Spring and Fall each year
  • CXO Group: 6-10 people guided by a designated mentor to build deeper relationships
  • CXO Simulation: C-level executive simulation and project final presentation to corporate board
  • Timely Q&A to answer your questions live: 3 times per week group confidential interactive career consultation
  • 24 Executive core skills live lectures on Mondays, recorded and edited for replay 
  • Weekly executive summary reading (20 minutes), a preselected business book summary

All students must sign the confidential agreement at purchase time to keep class Q&A and discussions confidential. 

Time commitment:  50 - 200+ hours within 12 months, depending on your questions and desire to learn new skills

Once you sign up, you can

  • Immediately  watch recorded classes, Q&A highlights
  • Take the CEO assessments including EQ Test
  • Sign the confidential agreement to protect you and your classmates' privacy
  • Join our next live and Q&A session on
    • Mondays, Thursdays 6-7 PM PT, 9-10 ET
    • Sundays 8-9 AM PT, 11-12 noon ET

In-person Bonus:

San Francisco Bay area students have 2 hours of hiking each week with Dr. Liz when not traveling.  Dr. Liz travels to various places to meet our students. 

If you have any questions,  please email support@a2cacademy.org

Please email us at support@a2cAcademy.org if you have questions. 

C-level executive and public company board member Dr. Elizabeth Xu (Dr. Liz) and her mentor of 30+ years, Ms. Pat Zimmerman, teach classes and answer your career questions.

They redesigned this camp based on their Stanford University Class (2011-2016).   

About instructor

Dr. Liz Xu

Elizabeth is a public company board member and the CEO of A2C Leadership Group. She has served as two CTO positions of billion-dollar revenue companies: CP Group and BMC Software. She became a C-level executive in 2005 at a public company. She provides coaching in Leadership, Digital Transformation, AI, and cloud. She is also an investor for early-stage companies.

Dr. Elizabeth Xu has taught at Stanford University for 6 years about leadership, and currently is a guest lecturer at Stanford University Teaching Digital Transformation at the Department of Engineering Management Science. She is also the advisor for MIT Innovation Initiatives.

Elizabeth earned an M.S. and B.S. degree from Peking University and a Ph.D. and a Master’s Degrees from University Nevada, and She is a Harvard certified board member and attended the Stanford Executive Program.

Elizabeth received the TOP 50 Diversity Leader in the United States in 2020, the Presidential Award in 2019, the Global Leadership Award in 2018, the WITI Hall of Fame Award in 2017, and Women of Influence in Silicon Valley in 2013. She also received 10+ other prestigious awards. She is a trailblazer, leading a creative and proven path to the top.

Elizabeth lives by the credo of the four “L”s

1. Live to my fullest potential.
2. Love others and enable them to reach their fullest potential.
3. Learn continuously.
4. Leave a legacy.

Pat Zimmerman

Pat has been Elizabeth’s mentor for 30 years. She retired from AT&T at age 43. She retired the 2nd time from the positions of the Chairman and President of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University Nevada, Reno.

Pat has been teaching and coaching various students and working professionals since 1989. She has contributed significantly to the community.

Pat is the winner of Jefferson and Kennedy Awards and many other prestigious awards. As a lifelong learner and mentor, she believes that “ The day you stop learning, is the day you start dying”.

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