Breaking ALL Ceilings: Career, Mindset, Culture, family and Habits

B Breaking ALL Ceilings: Career, Mindset, Culture, family and Habits to enable you to reach your fullest potential

A2C Leadership Group provides leadership and creativity on-line bootcamps for working professionals, college students and highschool, middle school students, we help you and your k-12 children discover the life vision, establish the strategy and enable you to reach your fullest potential.

C-level executive and public company board member Dr. Elizabeth Xu and her mentor of 30+ years, Ms. Pat Zimmerman, teach you the strategy and critical steps to make it to C-suite and boardroom. They provide timely answers to your career questions and accelerate your career growth.
This A2C flagship 12-month interactive leadership coaching program provides ten weeks of live and recorded training based on the one-semester leadership class our cofounders Dr. Elizabeth Xu, and Pat Zimmerman taught at Stanford University for six years (2011-2016).
It also consists of 12 months of three times per-week Q&A, a total of 140+ live career group coaching sessions, and a c-level executive simulation.
All members must sign the confidential agreement to build a safe haven for open career discussions and coaching sessions. Various executives and best-seller leadership authors are invited to co-teach these classes and Q&A sessions.
In-person bonus: 2 hours of hiking in Silicon Valley per week in Silicon Valley and various in-person events in New York, Boston and San Francisco.
126 Lessons $5999.00