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Dr. Liz will share 5 strategies to become a rockstar at work and home, and reduce your stress, accelerate your career and become happier

A2C 14-month interactive mentoring program consists of 9 weeks of live and interactive lecture 150+ times live Q&A (3 times per week), 2-times C-level simulation in a group of 6, and recorded classes. 24 executive core skills live lecture, All classes are recorded and edited for replay, all students must sign the confidential agreement at purchase time to keep class Q&A and discussions confidential. C-level executive and public company board member Dr. Elizabeth Xu (Dr. Liz) and her mentor of 30+ years, Ms. Pat Zimmerman, teach classes and answer your career questions. They redesigned this camp based on their Stanford University Class (2011-2016). Your Mentorship starts the day you join A2C and sign the confidential agreement. In-person Bonus: San Francisco Bay area students have 2 hours of hiking each week with Dr. Liz when not traveling. Dr. Liz travels to various places to meet our students.
57 Lessons $3980.00 $4980.00
Learn how to manage up and across the organization; communicate, collaborate effectively with your managers and team members within the company, and build a great digital brand on various social channels to attract better career opportunities. All sessions are recorded, you will be invited to attend the next live class when its ready. The live class will start Later in 2022. You can purchase and watch the play first, participate in live class later
47 Lessons $1899.00
If you have the burning desire to reach your fullest potential and make it to the C-suite sooner, this seminar is for you.
7 Lessons $99.00